Meet Heather

Hi there! I'm Heather Dettore Bueker, a Documenter of Love, aka Wedding Photographer, located just outside the city of Atlanta. On 5.6.17 I married my fun-loving husband, Chase. I love being outside by our pool with friends and family. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays! An avid jogger, I'm as slow as a turtle running through peanut butter, but that has yet to stop me from enjoying it. I'm a fan of cooking and dancing around the house to Kacey Musgraves. On Sunday’s, Chase and I go out exploring with our cameras just for fun. 

My first camera was an old school Polaroid that I put heart shaped stickers all over (we all do questionable things) and currently have it on display in the office of my home.

In 2006, Chase moved away to college. My camera and I became inseparable, photographing family, friends, and eventually shooting for my high school newspaper, The Panoptic. Without those experiences and the support from my friends and family, I wouldn't be where I am today. I'm incredibly blessed. 

Why I Do What I Do

On Easter of 2007, my world shifted. With a family as tight knit as mine, losing the first member so unexpectedly was heartbreaking. As my family and I sat on my bedroom floor looking through old photos, we came to one that stopped me in my tracks. It was a photo I had taken of my uncle, the one we had just lost.

He was mid laugh, like a good, deep belly laugh that makes your soul feel alive. I couldn't look at that picture of him without smiling and to this day that image is burned into my memory.

In that instant, I felt the power of a photograph that preserves a fleeting moment in time.

 I knew that to spend my life capturing more moments, like that of my uncle, would be the coolest thing I could do.

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